At CONNEXION, safety is a Value rather than a priority because priorities change, butvalues do not. A construction project is constantly changing, day-to-day, hour-to-hour and sometimes minute-to-minute. As conditions change – new structures go up, excavations are dug, materials or equipment become available – individual and project priorities can change. Our belief is that although conditions and priorities change constantly, the commitment to employee safety as a Value does not. Having a strong belief in this philosophy, CONNEXION continues to utilize world-class safety management systems to continually strive toward achieving accident-free environments. 
Management Commitment 
CONNEXION’s safety program does not start and end with the Safety Department, but engages all employees throughout the company. The commitment to safety begins with the CEO of the company and extends to each CONNEXION employee. Each week the Corporate Safety Leadership Team meets, including the CEO of the company, corporate counsel, key operations, the personnel director and the safety director. The Team considers safety management policies and reviews year-to-date and weekly safety performance. Phone calls are made to projects that have experienced safety performance issues, as well as to those projects that have demonstrated safety excellence.

  • Each Profit Center and other operating entity within the company has similar Safety Teams that deal with topics and issues specific to their areas.
  • Similarly, each project maintains a site safety committee comprised of management, supervision and crafts.
  • Each crew on a project starts each day with a safety meeting centered on task planning for the crew, and for individuals. As conditions change during a shift, so does the task plan.

Each employee must make the commitment to work safely and to support and cooperate with all aspects of CONNEXION’s Safety, Health and Environmental Program. Safety attitudes include a strong sense of group as well as personal responsibility and accountability. CONNEXION’s safety program strives to instill in every employee the realization that they are responsible to themselves, one another and their families to prevent workplace accidents.
Safety Overview 
Through the execution of world-class safety initiatives, CONNEXION continues to “raise the bar” on exemplary safety processes. Our “Measuring Below Zero” continuous improvement process includes industry best-in-class processes such as:

  • Comprehensive and effective safety task planning
  • Root cause analysis processes focused on delivering effective solutions
  • Safety assessment processes based on leading indicators
  • Unparalleled safety training
  • Employee involvement processes 
  • Emphasis on safety leadership and behaviors
  • Site safety benchmarking