Procurement Services

CONNEXION has been providing integrated supply and procurement services for more than ten years. CONNEXION is the sole source for all MRO (Maintenance Repair Operation) material needs: from plumbing and HVAC to electrical / mechanical and office supplies. With CONNEXION as your one supplier, you can leverage your organization's MRO spend across CONNEXION existing client base, reduce operational expenses, and reconcile just one invoice.
            Whether you have two locations or 200, CONNEXION allows your organization to purchase in a decentralized fashion while maintaining centralized controls. This is made possible through CONNEXION Internet-based system, or with the exchange of data through business system integration. These two options make the use of CONNEXION simple, efficient and accessible to your entire organization. The result is a leveraged MRO spend across all locations and access to aggregated buying data and detailed reports. 
What makes CONNEXION Different?
            CONNEXION understands that "one size does not fit all," especially when it comes to purchasing processes. Our services and technology are adaptable to your organization's needs. From customized catalogs, workflows and reports to invoicing based on your accounting codes, CONNEXION tailors the solution to meet your unique requirements.
            Unlike many procurement solutions, CONNEXION has ten years of experience in integrated supply and procurement services. Our experience spans all facets of the purchasing process including sourcing of non-catalog items, materials management and logistics.

One supplier, One Invoice
Instead of hundreds of suppliers for your MRO needs, you now have just one: CONNEXION. With our strong national / international manufacturer and wholesaler relationships, we buy all your MRO materials and take title until they arrive to their final ship-to destination, making CONNEXION your single point of contact for all questions and concerns. Whether you need to know when something shipped or have a return or warranty question, CONNEXION can handle it via phone, fax or the web. Plus, with only one supplier, you have only one invoice to reconcile, neatly broken down into the categories you've chosen.

Spot-Buy Sourcing
Our experienced staff of sourcing professionals makes it easier than ever to source those hard-to-find and non-cataloged items. Just let us know what you need and our sourcing experts will locate the item, send you the specifications, and purchase it upon your approval.
Detailed Reporting 
With CONNEXION as your data aggregate, you will be able to receive detailed reports providing the information you need to understand your organization's buying patterns, track your spend, and carry less inventory.

Dedicated Client Support Representatives
Your organization will have a dedicated client support representative trained and familiar with your organization's needs, buying patterns and structure. This individual will serve as your account liaison, answering questions and ensuring that your needs are being met.


CONNEXION uses state-of-the-art technology, enabling clients to access our integrated supply and procurement services. Whether you prefer a web-based system or seamless integration with your current legacy, ERP or other requisitioning system, CONNEXION has the tools.


For organizations interested in adopting new purchasing technology, CONNEXION offers a web-based purchasing system. It also replicates current organizational business structure through workflows, approval hierarchies and identifies multiple requisitions, buying and shipping locations. Best of all, there are no upfront costs and no software to buy so you can start to benefit almost immediately.

Business System Integration
For organizations interested in continuing with current business systems, CONNEXION offers business system integration. Our talented staff of IT professionals will coordinate the exchange of data from CONNEXION to your existing legacy, ERP or other purchasing system. CONNEXION sends and receives information in a multitude of formats to process client requisitions, making the switch to CONNEXION completely effortless.

The Advantage
The Advantage is simple: One supplier, one invoice and one phone call. With its strong national / international manufacturer and wholesaler relationships, CONNEXION buys all the MRO materials you need and takes title to them until they arrive at their destination. From plumbing and HVAC to light bulbs and office supplies, CONNEXION is your sole source for all your MRO needs.

One Supplier:

Why have hundreds of suppliers handling your MRO materials when you can have just one? With CONNEXION as your one supplier, the results will be clear: savings on total cost of procurement through leveraged buying, simplified management and tracking, and a more efficient procurement system throughout your entire organization.

One Invoice

With CONNEXION as your one supplier, you have only one invoice. This result in a huge reduction in invoice processing time and costs, allowing more time to be spent on more important things.

One Phone Call
CONNEXION eliminates hassles with coordinating multiple deliveries and schedules. Tracking your orders is as simple as a single phone call with CONNEXION, whether you need to know when an item shipped or have return or warranty questions. CONNEXION becomes your single point of contact.

The result: CONNEXION’s One-of-a-kind Service
Give CONNEXION a try. We make it easier than ever to get you up and running, whether you want to use our web-based system or retain your existing legacy, ERP or other purchasing system. You will also receive detailed reports so you can track your spend and get a better understanding of your organization's buying patterns.