CONNEXION The Industrial Support Company a general industrial contractor corporate office in Karachi, has rapidly become one of the leading industrial contractors in Pakistan serving a vast array of clients in many sectors of the industry. CONNEXION typically self performs and direct hires the major disciplines of work.
CONNEXION’s unique corporate culture is embodied in our purpose and core values. Powered by dedicated people, one of our core values, recognizes the value of our employees. Our people are our greatest assets. All members of our teams are given the opportunity to excel. Decision-making is pushed down to the lowest level possible and everyone is empowered to meet the needs of our customers. Safety is a value, not just a priority at CONNEXION. Through our people based safety program we are taking safety to the next level.
CONNEXION leads the merit shop construction industry in training of crafts and supervision. Training is critical to efficient productive performance and is encompassed in our core values. 
Our regionalized operations have allowed CONNEXION to maintain a small- company, family atmosphere with close ties to our people, and the ability to move quickly to meet clients’ needs. 
CONNEXION’s financial strength, resources and presence throughout Pakistan enable us to be effective performing maintenance, small capital, and large, complex projects.