Construction Services

Construction resources serve our clients nationwide to deliver premier construction projects completed, on schedule, and within budget.  Our dedication to our construction personnel includes intensive world-class training, safety programs, and progressive employment policies that enable us to hire, motivate, train, and retain highly skilled people.
Our merit shop stance allows us to use the best qualified subcontractors for work that we do not self-perform.

Our construction expertise includes:

  • Pre-project planning
  • Input during design
  • Construction services
  • Safety
  • Quality Control
  • Constructability
  • Construction management
  • Maintenance services

As with our engineering projects, we take a comprehensive approach to construction.  When involved during the engineering and design effort, CONNEXION provides a complete construction feasibility review of the project.  The results are significantly reduced costs and more efficient time and resource utilization.  Our goal is provide a smooth transition from design to construction and commissioning, and the highest level of value to our clients.

Construction Management
CONNEXION perceives Construction Management as an extension of the client's staff, and knows that the associated responsibilities cover a wide range of administrative, contracting, tracking, and monitoring tasks that drive the construction process.

Moreover, CONNEXION also has the extensive knowledge of and experience in construction itself that is needed to excel in Construction Management, with a proven track record of quality and safety.

Construction management services can be provided during pre-design, design, construction, and during commissioning/start-up, and include:

  • Contracting for Construction
    • Prequalification of bidders
    • Preparation of bid packages
    • Bid document issue
    • Prebid conferences
    • Bid evaluation
    • Contract negotiation and award
  • Materials Management
    • Materials receipt, inspection, and storage
    • Issuing materials to construction contractors
    • Field procurement


  • Management of the Construction Project
    • Construction administration
    • Field administration
    • Change management
    • Safety and quality management
    • Maintenance of operations
    • Commissioning/start-up