Purpose: CONNEXION builds upon its unique culture, creating opportunities for people to excel.

Core Values

  • Powered by People
  • Operations Driven
  • Be the Best
  • Integrity
  • Can-Do Attitude

CONNEXION believes that quality is inherent to each of these core values and that by adhering to these values we will provide a valued service to our clients. 
CONNEXION is committed to "Earn the reputation of being the most respected contractor in the industry through our pursuit of excellence in Safety, Quality and Productivity". We support this commitment by implementing an effective quality process on each of our projects. This benefits both TIC and our clients through efficiencies in construction and meeting project requirements. 
We believe that:

  • open communications and a clear understanding of required quality standards between CONNEXION's project team and the owner is essential,
  • the quality process is most effective when a written quality plan is developed and implemented early in the project,
  • the quality process should focus on prevention of errors and elimination of rework as well as on testing and inspection,
  • we must take advantage of "Lessons Learned" throughout the company by sharing best practices and utilizing Total Quality Management,
  • the quality process must be understood and supported by the entire project team (management through crafts) for it to achieve maximum effectiveness,
  • an effective quality process requires continual monitoring of the implementation and effectiveness of the project quality plan,
  • client satisfaction is vital to CONNEXION's continued success.

QA/QC Overview 
CONNEXION is dedicated to providing quality construction services to each of our clients and to providing them with the assurance that their project is constructed in compliance with the contract. 
CONNEXION's philosophy is that quality is an integral part of project management and must be addressed during all phases of the project. Plan the Work and Work the Plan - this minimizes errors. 
The following is an overview of CONNEXION's QA/QC documents and process, which support this philosophy. 
Quality Documents 
There are two (2) Corporate documents which guide the quality process on CONNEXION projects. 
The first is titled Construction Operations - Quality Assurance/Quality Control
This in-house document was developed using the ISO 9002 model as a guideline and applies to work outside the jurisdiction of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. It addresses the following administrative and craft functions;

  • Administrative
    • Organization and Responsibilities
    • Engineering and Design (3rd Party)
    • Document Control/Records
    • Field Procurement
    • Management of Materials and Plant Equipment
    • Subcontractors/Vendors
    • Test Equipment
    • Non-conformances
    • System Turnover
    • Project Reviews
  • Crafts
    • Earthwork
    • Cast-In-Place Concrete
    • Structural Steel
    • Welding
    • Piping
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Instrumentation

The second document is CONNEXION's Quality Control Manual for Assembly and Installation of Power Boilers and Fabrication, Assembly and Installation of Pressure Vessels and Pressure Piping Including Field & Shop Repairs and Alterations. 
This manual establishes the procedures to be followed when performing work on ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code items under our following certificates of authorization:

  • Section I (Power Boilers); ASME AA
  • Section VIII, Division I ( Pressure Vessels); ASME AU
  • ASME B31.1 (Boiler External Piping); ASME APP
  • Repair and/or Alteration of the above-described ASME Code pressure retaining items in accordance with the National Board Inspection Code; NBIC AR

CONNEXION's Quality Process 
In brief, CONNEXION's process for implementing project quality is as follows;

  • review and thoroughly understand contract requirements and client needs
  • assign responsibilities for developing and implementing the Project Quality Plan (the Plan)
  • establish systems and functions to address these needs in the Plan
  • name those person/s responsible for specific QA/QC functions
  • communicate the Plan to all appropriate personnel
  • involve QA/QC in task planning - review preventative measures
  • implement the Plan
  • perform QA/QC functions - tests/inspections
  • document results of the tests & inspections
  • verify compliance with the contract
  • identify and resolve disposition of non-conforming work
  • take measures to prevent recurrence of errors
  • periodic reviews to confirm implementation and effectiveness of the Plan
  • identify deficiencies and take the necessary corrective actions
  • develop and submit Turn-over Packages to client

Project Controls 

  • Develop scheduling policies and standards
  • Develop, maintain, document, train and implement
    • Scheduling Templates (P3,Suretrak)
    • SLS standard spreadsheet and documentation
    • Standard WBS (EPC)
    • master schedules
    • historical scheduling information
    • Indirect and Equipment schedules
    • 4 week, 1 week task plan, SIS schedule process

Field Estimating

  • Develop material quantification guidelines and standards
  • Establish field quantification routines to tie:
    • Purchasing, Labor performance, Material control, and Cost forecasting together
  • Maintain Conceptual Estimate Guidelines
  • Utilize and train field personnel on the following tools for Field Estimating and Budgeting:
    • Coversheet - Summary
    • GEST - Mechanical and Summary
    • EES - Electrical
    • Pipest - Piping

Material Management

  • Develop and maintain MMP manual (Material Management policies)
  • Develop and maintain 15 step MMIP (Material Management Implementation Plan)
  • Develop, maintain, document, train and implement:
    • MMS Software System
    • Prolog Material Management
    • Project Material Management plans
    • Library of Major Equipment breakdowns

Jobsite Administration

  • Develop and maintain document management policies and procedures
  • Develop and maintain project office procedures
  • Develop, maintain, document, train and implement procedures for:
    • RFI
    • Transmittal
    • Ecd's
    • Submittals
    • Hot lists
    • Meeting minutes
    • Memorandum of conversation
    • Correspondence
    • Punch lists
    • Close out log
  • Prolog system maintenance
    • TIC standard reports
    • Software maintenance "builds"
    • Technical assistance
  • Document and maintain file index system
  • Document and maintain contract administration modules
    • Prime contract
    • Subcontract

Performance Monitoring

  • Build a "how to" document for management and tracking of each discipline
  • Develop, maintain, document, train and Implement
  • Processes for the following:
    • PMIS
    • Trackit
    • Pullcard
    • Steel Track
    • Instrumentation Track
    • SLS
  • Establish and maintain standardized coding system and structure.

Cost Controls

  • Document and maintain field office procedures
  • Develop, maintain, document, train and implement field implementation of :
  • CMIS
  • Equipment and Indirect Schedules
  • Prolog Costing Modules
  • Summary Level Schedule - SLS
  • Labor Efficiency Index
  • Establish and maintain jobsite procedures for:
    • AP
    • AR
    • Commitments
    • Payroll
    • Cash flow
    • Budget Maintenance
    • Equipment Costs
    • Job cost
    • Forecasting
    • Budgeting


  • Hiring
    • Field / Project Engineers
    • Office Managers
    • Material Management personnel
  • Placement of personnel (domestic and international)
  • Training coordination
  • Project staffing plan assistance
  • Personnel retention
  • Field career ladder maintenance / development
  • Position mentoring
  • Entry/exit interviews

Project Management

  • Organize overall Project Controls plan
  • Design corporate Project Controls plan for the future
  • Develop Project Controls Standardization Policies
  • Daily field support - Procedures, Processes
  • Facilitate Project Planning Process
  • Research development and design new systems
  • Implement TIC systems in the field
  • Support the field
  • Train and implement