CONNEXION requires all employees—regardless of position, location, or duties—to be fair in their dealings with customers, suppliers, co-workers and even competitors.
CONNEXION Values are part of every one of our business dealings. This dedication to fair dealings has been our tradition and remains our firm commitment. The people of CONNEXION are expected to conduct themselves with honesty and integrity in all facets of their business lives.
The management sets the tone at the top for doing the right thing, the first time, and every time. Performance evaluations of our people include an assessment of ethical behavior and commitment to CONNEXION's values.

CONNEXION sustains its values through training in its Code of Ethics and in many specific operational areas, including export controls, anti-corruption, and sexual harassment. These are not just one-time sessions, but are refreshed and repeated regularly to complement our ethics education with compliance and responsibility training. We require that our managers provide regular reports and certifications that they understand and acknowledge their obligations to comply with both the spirit and letter of our Code and immediately report any issues that arises. Employees are encouraged to report actions and behaviors contrary to CONNEXION Values, anonymously if desired.